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Energy deregulation has opened up the electricity and natural gas monopolies and is allowing new companies and individuals to make loads of money selling energy. Ambit Energy uses a traditional network marketing business model in order to share the wealth with its marketing consultants. Ambit Energy already offers service in Texas, New York, and Illinois.

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Here's how the full program works:
  1. Sign Up to be a marketing consultant. There is a one time cost of $429 plus $24.95 per month for your websites. It is critical to sign up for this option so you have all the tools you need. The website also counts as 2 customers towards your bonuses.
  2. Gather 4 customers within 4 weeks to get your first $100 bonus and 6 more (10 total) within 8 weeks to get your second $100 bonus. Your websites count as 2 customers so you really only gather 2 for the first $100 and 8 total for the second $100. There are 4 more $50 bonuses you can earn by gathering customers within 12 weeks so you can earn your entire $400 back right here. You will also earn commission every time these customers pay their utility bill!
    • We will show you how to gather customers.
    • With guaranteed lower prices, no switching fees, and free rewards, Ambit Energy will sell itself. You just have to get the word out.
  3. Get other people involved and use the "Power of 2" to accelerate your earnings!
    • Find 2 people to sign up to be consultants and help them get their bonuses. You will get $100 for each consultant you sign up. Family and friends are good places to start. After you tell them how easy it is to get the customer bonuses, it should be easy. You can also advertise online with the free credits I will show you how to get, with classified ads, and so on.
    • Help your 2 consultants each find 2 consultants and help them get their bonuses. This will give you 6 consultants in your downline and make you a regional consultant. As a regional consultant you will get a $55 bonus every time a new consultant enters your downline - forever! If you personally signed the consultant up, you will get $100 plus the $55.
    • Now do that again 3 times. That will give you 6 more direct sign ups (6 times $155) who will each have 2 sign ups (12 times $55). This will give you $1590 in bonuses and make you a senior consultant. Senior consultants get an additional $80 bonus for a $135 total every time a new consultant signs up in their downline ($235 if they sign them up personally).
    • At this point, you have gathered about $2000 in bonuses and that amount will continue to grow because you get at least $135 every time somebody recruits a new consultant - FOREVER! This bonus gets as high as $190 as you advance further. You also get commission every month on every customer signed up not only by you, but by your downline too!
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